4 Sales Tricks to Land the Perfect Valentine

The best things in life are worth working for, and that’s true for both your work and personal life. When it comes to building relationships, work related or personal, it’s hard to initially win someone over, you need to be persistent, positive, direct, and remember to always listen. Here’s how these four traits can help you land the right prospect and the perfect valentine. 

If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.  You’ve seen it countless times during prospecting. They love what you have to offer, your product or services would be a perfect fit, but the stars just don’t align. Whether it be timing, budget restrictions, etc. there just isn’t an opportunity at that point in time. However it shouldn’t end here. This is where being persistent is key.  Follow up, check in and let them know you haven’t forgotten about them. Just because it won’t work right now doesn’t mean it couldn’t be a perfect match in the future.

Positive thoughts, positive happenings. Even during difficult times or in the face of rejection, top performing sales people remain positive and it’s contagious. Finding the upside in what seems to be a negative situation can help you salvage a lost opportunity and add to your drive. Remember to see the silver lining and refuse to give up.

Be direct, it builds trust. No one likes a run around; they’re buying and you’re selling, so take the time to create value with every client or prospect. It’s not going to benefit anyone if you’re vague with details. Being upfront from the start will not only help you land the deal, but it will help you in the long-term relationship you’re looking to create.

Hold your tongue and listen. There is no arguing that people enjoy talking about themselves and their pain points; so let them. You’ll learn everything you need to know by asking the right questions and waiting for a response.  From there you can act accordingly and make a case with all of the information you’ve gathered.

As you can see there is some serious overlap when it comes to winning over the right prospect…and the perfect valentine.

Written by Inside Sales Associate, Kate Maxwell.


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