4 Steps to Showing Brand Personality on Social Media

Your company has just taken the leap into social media but the problem is, you’re not sure how to generate content that is likely to gain the traffic and response you’re looking for.

The use of imagery within each post is likely to gain a more significant response rate. Two-thirds of Americans are now using Smartphones and Internet is being consumed in ways never seen. On Smartphones people are scrolling at an incredibly fast rate, which makes it nearly impossible to catch a users’ attention with just text. A brand should want to stop a user in their tracks and make them read and engage with the post. As we’ve discussed in other posts about content, it needs to stand out from all the other noise in the feed.

1. Stay Consistent.

The key to getting a better response rate is to look deeper into your brand and how all your marketing and advertising material are treated. This doesn’t mean simply placing your logo on an image and throwing it to the masses; your logo is your mark but it’s not your brand.  Look at the voice and the styling of your brand. Think about design and creating headlines that will catch the user’s eye quickly. The example below from JetBlue is a great model of how to engage users with imagery; Notice that you focus on the photo more than the text itself. The design elements and the voice are consistent with all other JetBlue Getaways brand elements and the user only needs to view the image quickly to get all the relevant information they need.  

2. Use Video

Don’t be afraid of video! It’s an incredibly easy way to get your message across in a few seconds. And each video that goes out doesn’t need to look like it will run during the Super Bowl. These days, it’s all about publishing fast, relevant and engaging content. If you don’t have the equipment, get down and dirty and use your Smartphone. The quality is great and the best part about it, it feels more personal.

3. Be Bold

Show your personality and have fun with it! Your posts should always be informative, but also be creative. Even if your brand is in a category known for responsibility, you don’t necessarily have to be serious 100% of the time. These days, gaining trust and brand loyalty isn’t always about “what” you do, it’s also about “who” you are. Show your employees enjoying themselves behind the scenes or simply have a few posts that get your message across in a creative, “nontraditional” way. 

For example, Fedex is the world’s largest express transportation company, with 3.9 million shipments a day. You would think a company with that much responsibility wouldn’t want to alienate and scare off their core customers with a post that isn’t about responsibility. Not true, take a look at the post below. This “fun” post is promoting the brand and gained 7.3 thousand likes - around 6,000 more than the typical Fedex post. It was engaging, brought some humor, and also made people realize Fedex isn’t a monotone service company.

4. Go for It!

Social media can be a bit scary at first but when it comes down to it, it’s common sense. Think about what posts you would want to read from your friends and companies you follow. Whether you use imagery or video, make sure you incorporate your brand into every post and watch your engagement go through the roof!

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