5 B2B Marketing Tips to Drive Your Sales

It’s time stop thinking about B2B buyers as just a combination of function and company. A top theme is the realization that B2B customers are people, too. Take a look at this week’s round up of trends for the B2B marketer and think about how you can speak to your B2B customers and prospects as actual people with motivations, emotions and needs.

1. B2B marketers need to focus on the buyer as a person instead of viewing them as a walking budget.

Forbes discussed an interesting frame of mind for B2B marketers and goal generation. One-on-one marketing is a tactic more commonly used by B2C marketers to create long-standing customer relationships. Why wouldn’t this tactic work for B2B? More often than not, B2B marketers are so focused on the big numbers – dollar amounts, incoming revenue, investments, et cetera, that they miss the opportunity to build a solid, one-on-one relationship with another business that could produce ongoing, increasing revenue. Forbes describes how to focus on 1:1 marketing and building a strong, reliable foundation with B2B customers.

Similarly, Business 2 Community released an article this week titled, “Your Buyers Are Not Businesses, They Are People – The B2B Buyer Is A Myth…” Louis Foong talks about the benefits of taking the time to ask a person about themselves and showing interest – “Why don’t we do this in our professional lives?” he asks. Like Forbes, Foong presents the benefits of refocusing B2B marketing efforts to see customers as people instead of dollar signs. Learn 6 tips to “humanize your brand.”

2. Everyone’s creating content, yet very few are tracking ROI.

The most important takeaway from Uberflip’s “B2B Content Marketing Trends for 2015” infographic is the fact that 70% of content marketers are creating significantly more content than last year, yet only 21% say they are tracking ROI successfully. Well, this is a problem but at least we recognize it – the number one goal content marketers have in 2015 is to measure their content effectiveness. Take a peek at the most popular B2B content marketing tactics next year and how you can hone in on tracking efforts.

3. B2B marketers beware; most buyers have made up their mind before they contact you.  What can you do?

We all know that ignoring the digital marketing make up of today’s B2B and B2C marketing strategies will put a business in the dog house but are we embracing it as we say we are? The first step is focusing efforts on a strong content marketing strategy. Business 2 Community starts with a simple model: Paid, Owned and Earned. These three elements have been adopted more and more as essentials to a successful digital marketing strategy. Read Business 2 Community’s article, “Message to B2B Marketers: Go Digital or Go Home” to finally wrap your head around the true meaning of digital marketing.

4. Are you using Video for lead gen? It may be the best performing type of content for delivering B2B prospects.

Software Advice, a company that offers free advice to lead nurturing software buyers, recently released their “B2B Generation Benchmark IndustryView 2014”. The most interesting piece of data as a result of this study is the success of video marketing. Not only was video the most used content type by 92% of B2B marketers but it also generated the most leads, with surveys close by. What does this mean for content marketers? It means a whole new way of thinking about the way your audience behaves online – eBooks were the least used type of content. Review the rest of Software Advice’s study for more 2014 key findings from B2B marketers.

5. Google’s Panda Update: Fresh, quality content has never been more important, find out why.

A great statement came out of SEO Hacker’s article this week, “Pushing content just for the heck of traffic is not a good idea.” Google knows this (what doesn’t Google know) and one of the most recent search engine algorithm updates shows this. The new Panda forces content marketers to focus on targeted personas and create useful, meaningful and ultimately sharable content that won’t raise a big red spam flag. Learn more about Google’s Panda update and tips for back pocket from SEO Hacker.

Is your B2B marketing strategy making you money? Your questions and comments are always welcome.

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