5 Reasons Digital Marketers Should Be Excited for Drupal 8

The buzz around Drupal 8 has hit the technology sphere hard. What does this mean for us less development-savvy digital marketers? The bottom line is better user experience and flexibility when creating and editing content with most of these perks out-of-box! Take a peek at the anticipated features of this new and improved platform that we think will rock digital marketers' worlds.

1. Mobile Accessibility
With Drupal 8, digital marketers can get excited for improved accessibility to create and manage content on their mobile devices. The platform is expected to adhere to "the year of mobile" by providing an out-of-box responsive admin theme, which will allow the less dev-savvy to edit blog posts and add new content to their site from their mobile device with finesse.

2. New Toolbar
Drupal's mobile accessibility is due largely to the new responsive, extensible, and more concise toolbar that comes out-of-box with the platform. The new toolbar will be easier to use, save screen real estate, and provide a cue for usage. As a responsive feature, the marketer can expect textual labels to be replaced with visual icons to contribute to mobile accessibility.

3. Out-of-Box Views Module
This is a particularly exciting new feature to Drupal 8. As the #1 most-used add-on module, currently installed on 70% of all Drupal websites, Views now comes out-of-box with the platform. The Views module allows non-dev content managers to create listings for pages, blocks, calendars, photo galleries and more through a web interface. The module also allows for easy caching and consistency for site builders to customize.

4. In-line/ In-place Editing
Drupal 8 will support inline content editing by using the Spark project. Although this project is used in Drupal 7, it makes a serious comeback in the improved platform with an advanced authoring experience and allows for flawless publishing and editing. The improved Spark project will allow the marketer to edit while viewing the actual CSS styles on their site, directly on the page (instead of a secondary admin hub) as well as edit title, author and tags fields as you would the body field.

5. Multilanguage Enhancements
The Multilanguage enhancement features that are supported on Drupal 8 cure a massive headache to CMS users, front-end, and back-end developers who have experienced juggling multiple groups of modules to achieve a multi-lingual site. By improving language maintenance options, site translations and customizable settings, Drupal 8 will help you reach your audiences faster and more efficiently.

So get ready to hop on the Drupal 8 train, digital marketers and familiarize yourself with a whole new world of fast and easy content creation, editing and management on your website - all out-of-box and all for you.

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