5 Simple Ways UX Can Save The World

We all joke about what we do when we get stressed out and say "we're not saving lives" but ... proper UX on a philanthropic site where lives can be positively affected can in fact help, if not SAVE, the world. Recently I came across a site that shall be nameless and noticed that with a little bit of UX and design love it would move the needle enough to help a few extra people out. Feeling that this was important, I reached out to see how I could help as a practitioner of responsible UX.

Here are 5 simple ways that UX can save the world for non-profit and charity sites.

1) MOBILE first please! These sites would immediately see in increase and activity if they made a responsively designed site, capturing an audience of donors that are out there in the mobile world just waiting to help.

2) Donate, donate, donate. Did I say donate? You need to get viewers involved early and often. Typically people (potential donors) don't just happen upon a charity site by accident. so you should always have that donate button ready and willing and following them throughout the site. This particular site I felt while it was certainly a priority for the needs and mission of the site it wasn't a priority from a UX standpoint.

3) Be clear about your mission and telegraph that to the user right away. Steve Krug, a popular UX author, wrote a book title Don't Make Me Think, which also indicates "don't make me work, or find a reason to want to donate."

4) Make the content useable. Trying to get too cutesy with type and greyed back fonts or flashy things that don't work on all browsers will dilute the experience for the user and then ... they're bouncing ... there is a way to tastefully design content that doesn't have to rely on bells and whitsles or overdesignedness to get your point across.

5) Don't send people offsite. A lot of charities get traction on Facebook, twitter and other social media outlets in fact a lot of them start that way. The bottom line is that you can't transact on those sites so sending users from your main site to social is pretty much the guarantee of a lost opportunity. Sending them to your site through social however is a better strategy.

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