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Google Updates Algorithm to Index Mobile-Friendly Search Results

The mobile-first mentality is becoming a standard practice. According to a recent comScore report , 60% of total website traffic now comes…

Nick Goodman

Marketing Automation Kicks Old-School Emails to the Curb

There was a time when all you needed to execute an email marketing campaign was a list and a message. These batch and blast techniques were…

Chris Barnhill
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The Seamless Mobile Experience And Why It's Important

A couple of big name retailers, namely Amazon, recently came under some heat for releasing emails that weren’t optimized for mobile…

Nick Goodman

From The CEO: Why Core Values Are Key to Our Culture

I returned last week from the Entrepreneur's Organization semi-annual conference, which was held in Buenos Aires. I learned how to be a…

Digital Bungalow

Industry Average Conversion Rates: Do They Exist?

Just about every time that I talk to clients about conversion rates, I get the same question: "Well, what are the industry…

Nick Goodman

10 Best Practices for Email on Mobile Devices

We are seeing incredible increases in engagement and conversion as the result of work redesigning websites using Mobile First design. By…

Nick Goodman
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