A New Approach for Email Acquisition Campaigns

At Digital Bungalow we often get asked by our clients, "What is the best way to approach acquiring new email addresses from our customers?" In a presentation that I attended during the 2014 eCommerce  Summit in Boston, the Head of Performance Marketing at Google explained a new approach to email acquisition that all brands should be migrating to. The days of list buying are out. In fact, he stated that brands that do purchase lists will end up blacklisted. No" if, ands, or buts" about it. Major brands like Reebok and Wayfair are using a new tactic for email collection that has brought about significant increases in the success of their acquisition programs.  "An email address is THE most important piece of information you can get from a customer. It opens the door to grow a long-term relationship," said Nicolas Darveau-Garneau. We couldn't agree more! As marketers we know that an email address is one of the best ways to really understand the lifetime value of a customer.

4 Major Takeaways

  • Change your brands' internal mindset from conversions to gathering email addresses. The earlier a brand gets an email address for a customer, the earlier it can start understanding lifetime value. Email is also the top channel for remarketing to customers, creating this long term relationship and allowing the brand to get more data over time. For example, gathering a zip code from a group of customers could uncover a need to spend more advertising dollars in a certain geographic location. 
  • Gating pages with an email pop-up tool can increase your acquisition rates. This kind of tool allows you to set rules for when the pop-up is displayed to customers, making it less intrusive than others. For example, you could set it to only pop up after a website user has visited 4 pages, spent 1 1/2 minutes on the site, or was referred to the site from a social site like Facebook. We recommed you check out Padiact as a viable, easy-to-use option.
  • Make sure your website has a seamless experience between mobile and desktop. We've talked about this topic in a few blog posts in the last year and still feel the need to reiterate it's importance. If you are using your acquired email addresses to remarket to your customers, you want to make sure their experience is as seamless as possible. 
  • Shoot for a 15%+ acquisition rate for your program. Based on experience, both marketers on the panel from Reebok and Wayfair agreed. The other thing they really drove home was patience; Acquisition programs take time to show growth. Be patient. The investment is worth it.

What has your experience been with email acquisition programs? Do you agree with what was presented above? `

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