All for One, One for All: Uniting Sales, Accounts & Marketing

The three musketeers said it best; Powerful results come from support of each individual team member and each individual’s support of the team.  The sales, marketing and accounts teams at Digital Bungalow recently took their relationship to the next step by moving in together! To us it makes perfect sense. The sales team spends their time talking to prospective clients, the agency’s target audience. The accounts team spends their time talking to existing clients. The marketing team spends their time creating content for prospective and existing clients. So why is it so common that these teams live separately?  

One of our sales representatives raised an interesting point, “At other companies I’ve worked for, the sales and marketing teams were enemies. The sales team would complain, ‘Why should marketing take all this credit for conversions when that’s our job?’ The marketing team would say, ‘Why aren’t they doing anything over there?’ There was such a disconnect.”

We took our move seriously and recognized the opportunity for collaboration. Just sitting in in the same room together doesn’t produce powerful results. Setting up weekly sales, accounts, and marketing meetings puts everyone on the same page and knocks out three major business goals: 

1.  Informed corporate marketing and thought leadership. By creating weekly sales, marketing and accounts meetings, corporate marketing knows how to target content specifically to what is going on currently with accounts and prospects in the agency. It’s easier to plan customized content and reach every vertical that the sales team is working so hard to connect with.

2.  A unified agency voice. No matter what stage your target persona is in, or who they are talking to, they should be hearing the same personality that is communicated through your website, tweets, eBooks, Facebook posts, email newsletters and any marketing or sales collateral. This can never be achieved if your marketing, sales and even accounts teams are disconnected.

3.  More time for growth + improvement. Without these weekly meetings and common office space, agencies often waste time filling in other team members across departments. Instead of just asking for a content idea or a market segment for example, you may have to give background and context to what you are working on and what you’re looking for to several different individuals until you finally get the information you were looking for. We’ve been working hard to make the best use of everyone’s time in the agency and one of the best solutions is keeping everyone informed. This way, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your busiess offerings and improving the quality of your leads faster.

The bottom line is each team and department in a business has their own separate goals to reach. Each of these mini-goals however is created to better the business as a whole. 

How is your organization structured? Do sales and marketing play nice like they should?

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