DB Culture: It's Monstober In Salem

“Halloween is a lifestyle, not just a holiday”

The quote above describes the culture of Salem during the month of October. As an intern, it has been quite interesting to watch the events that are taking place outside Digital Bungalow’s doors. Sometimes you might hear a witch screaming for mercy not be hung (don’t worry, they are just reenacting), or see all of Salem dressed up in their costumes starting October 1st.  You may think it’s weird and crazy but for the folks who visit and live in Salem this time of the year, this is a part of their lifestyle; they take great pride in how this city celebrates this scary day. 

Like Salem, we would like to share our unique culture with you and the Digital Bungalow Halloween party this week was no exception. One of my duties this year was to plan the yearly Halloween party. For the past week or so, I have been sending out emails to everyone to remind them to wear their costumes, because we will be hosting the annual D. Bibby Costume Award. A quick history of the D. Bibby Award: a previous Digital Bungalow employee, Darrel truly embraced Salem and was known to wear a different costume every single day of the month. 

As an activity I came up with a scavenger hunt where each team had to find different objects of their team color. Pairing DB employees and their families, the teams found a clues hidden behind coat hangers, bobbed for apples, grabbed mice from the “guts and goo” bucket, found a mask, and finally wrapped a teammate as a mummy. After the scavenger hunt, we did the costume contest in which one of our newest DB team members, Alberto took away the D. Bibby trophy. He was dressed as Beaker from The Muppets – completely handmade, too!  

As you can see, although we might not celebrate Halloween every day like Salem, working in the heart of the action adds some spice to our culture. We can experience the every day craziness that is Halloween time in Salem and that makes our culture unique. The DB HR team is always looking for ways to make our culture even more awesome to create a strong team and attract more +1 team members. Check out some of our favorites from the event!

Grand Prize Winner of the D. Bibby Award goes to Alberto!

The HR team dressed up, too (that's me on the right)!

Monster's Inc. came close to winning the Grand Prize!

Bat Girl trying her hardest to stay still - Mummy wrap for the last leg of the Scavenger Hunt!

Andrew's team took his mummy wrap very seriously!

Our first place winners for the Scavenger Hunt!

Our President and his family make a fantastic Royal Family!

Talk about Gorilla Marketing! 

Looking dapper, Sherlock Holmes and Watson!

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