DB Top 5: Digital Marketing and Technology, November 3

This week’s round up is an eclectic mix of digital marketing and technology with new partnerships, products and features rolling out before the year comes to a close. Take this opportunity to jump ahead of your competition with the latest trends, tips and news you can use right away.

1. Social Media | Being a leader is the key to social media marketing success.

One of my goals this quarter as Marketing Specialist at Digital Bungalow is to create a band of thought leaders within the company through social media marketing. This is not an easy feat. What I finally learned to accept was to see each employee in the company as an individual on social media; they have a right to the content they want to share to their own networks and it’s going to be very different from the next employee in another department.

With that, I’ve found that there is a universal tool that I can offer my coworkers to be successful and that is leadership of their own network. JeffBullas.com outlined “7 Steps to Becoming a Rockstar at Social Media Marketing” that is all about finding your own personality and style on social media that will lend itself to success.

2. Content Marketing | Your content marketing strategy is falling short if you’re not putting SEO at the forefront.

Search engine optimization should be considered in every content marketing strategy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to explain that using the right keywords in a piece of content greatly impacts its search visibility. However, most do not understand the research that goes behind a solid SEO strategy. iMedia Connection highlights three important factors that should not be ignored for any SEO initiative.

3. Analytics | News! Another platform hops on the “Social Media for Business” bandwagon.

Twitter joins Pinterest and Facebook by making strides towards helping businesses get the most out of its platform. This week, Twitter partnered with IBM to offer global enterprise businesses industry-leading cloud-based analytics, special enterprise applications, as well as consulting services. Enterprise partners can now make informed business decisions from data-intensive technology pulled from Twitter’s database. Learn more about this global partnership in IBM’s press release, or follow the conversation on Twitter at #IBMandTwitter.

4. eCommerce | See the results you’re looking for in your social media marketing campaign by promoting across channels.

Business News Daily discussed a recent Facebook study this week that showed consumers were more likely to make a purchase decision if they were exposed to a campaign both by email and on Facebook. This is important information for eCommerce businesses as the holiday season approaches; your customers actually prefer to be reached in multiple ways. Business News Daily outlines tips to leverage your social media campaign across channels from Facebook for Business.

5. Email | Google’s new email product, Inbox calls for stronger content strategy than ever before.

Over the weekend, Google launched a private beta version of a new email product called Inbox. Although this product is only available by invitation only right now, its capabilities need to be considered right away. Most of Inbox’s features affect small businesses; similar content is bundled together, the recipient is allowed to decide what emails are more important than others, and information can be delivered in real-time.

Business 2 Community sees all the potential Inbox offers; a chance to prove your content is worth reading. Learn about all the exciting new features Google Inbox has to offer and how small businesses can use these features to leverage their content.

Do you think Google Inbox is the future of email? We want to hear your thoughts on this week’s round up. Feel free to share in the comments below.

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