Digital Bungalow's New Website Highlights Key Web Trends

Did you notice anything different about the Digital Bungalow website today? We certainly hope so! I’m really excited to announce that we’ve launched our new and improved website, full of great new features, content, and innovative design. The coolest part? We built it on a content management system  - coreDNA, a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that makes managing all elements of the website easy and accessible.  More importantly, it lowers the cost and time to market for new site development.  

Here are some highlights:

Video As Hero. 
Our brand-new homepage features an immersive video as hero that leverages quick snippets (often called vignettes) that illustrate Digital Bungalow. Video is a major player in the future of digital marketing and we actively incorporate it into all the websites we design and develop for our clients.  Adding video to the home page increases engagement, reduces bounce rate and make it more likely a visitor will take an action.

Mobile Menu.
If you are viewing the site from your desktop computer, you might notice that the menu button (the three horizontal lines) looks like something you would expect to see only on your mobile phone.  Why did we do this? This type of menu is becoming the norm across devices; it’s part of our Mobile First design philosophy that created the smartphone/tablet experience first and then add on to create the desktop version.  That ensures the we focus on the most important elements and the mobile version is not seen as an afterthought.

New Projects. New Services.
We’re proud of the new work our team has created in the past few months. And while websites are still a big part of our business, we’ve enhanced our marketing and measurement services  to help businesses drive leads and revenue from their digital marketing efforts.  Check out our new clients page and see for yourself!

Who are we? The Faces of Digital Bungalow.
Ever wonder who are the people behind all these great sites? We got all cleaned up and combed our hair for picture day, taking fun photos outside our office in Salem, MA.  Check out this page for a demonstration of our responsive design. If you’re on your desktop go ahead and shrink the page to tablet or smartphone size and then bring it back to normal size again. Pretty cool, huh? That’s what we mean by Mobile First.

Now on the Blog: Digital Bungalow Top 5

In the last month you may have noticed our new weekly blog post, the Digital Bungalow Top 5: News You Can Use. Every week we bring you the latest and greatest from our favorite content sources so you can stay up to date on trends in digital marketing and technology.  Make sure you bookmark our blog page and tune in every Friday for a fresh read!

In the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out even more content you can use to maximize your website and digital marketing campaigns, so we encourage you to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter using the box in the footer below.  We promise not to spam. :)

Interested in learning more about coreDNA?

Here is our latest blog post direct from our CEO, Nate Wolfson that explains what it is, why we chose to partner with the coreDNA team, and why it’s a great platform for growing businesses.


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