The Digital Bungalow Top 5: The Latest News You Can Use in Digital Marketing Week of September 22

Innovation drove the conversation in digital marketing and technology this week. Take a look at the top 5 cutting-edge trends, best practices and examples the Digital Bungalow Marketing team just couldn’t ignore.
1. The third generation of social media analytics is upon us.
The advanced tracking tools we have available to us today as digital marketers allow us to not only leverage social data to produce ROI, but to prove it in a matter of seconds. In last week’s Top 5 recap, we talked about the fact that marketing executives plan on investing more time, talent and money on marketing programs; one of the biggest of these areas being analytics. AdWeek offers five advantages to this new wave of digital technology. Don’t fall behind the newest generation of social analytics.
2. [Infographic] Brands are already planning out their social media strategy for the Holidays and this year is bigger than ever.
E-commerce brands are already vamping up their social media game plan to drive revenue this holiday season. BetaNews shines light on a very interesting reality, “In contrast to the days when social media strategy was all about getting more fans, companies now see it as a serious part of their sales effort.”
Get up to speed on how other brands are planning on shaping their social media strategy this holiday season with an awesome infographic shared by BetaNews, Holiday Social Marketing Trends 2014.
3. Don’t forget about email in your marketing strategy.
Business2Community said it best this week, “If social media is the reception hall of online communication, email is the boudoir.” I recently listened in on an extremely interesting webinar by Litmus and Emma Email, The 8 Second Challenge. They talked about the fact that 58% of people say they check their inbox first thing in the morning. When we think about how your audience is inviting you into their personal space through their inbox, it calls to attention the power of email marketing and how important it is to have a strong strategy to back it. Business2Communtiy gives you five solid points to drive that strategy.
4. They way your content is stylized can affect how well it does on search.
We’ve heard a lot about mobile this year but here is an unexpected trend driven by the device. Did you know that the typeface and color palate you choose for your marketing materials can actually increase conversions? MediaPost draws from recent research on the success of different colors on ads designed for mobile. If colors and shapes can influence how people feel and make decisions, these observations should not be ignored.
5. Marketing innovation by example: Oreo.
A good way to wrap up all the cutting-edge trends in digital marketing that were discussed this week is to look at a brand that is pushing the envelope in marketing innovation. Forbes recaps the culture Oreo has played upon in all their branding efforts this year. From executing a Twitter strategy that speaks in real time, directly to their audience, using a 3D cookie printer, crafting innovative Vine videos and successfully tying all of the pieces into one culture unique to Oreo’s brand is a digital marketing strategy that we cannot ignore.
What brands come to your mind when you think of innovation and cutting-edge digital marketing recently? Your thoughts are always welcome.


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