Digital Bungalow Top 5: The Latest News You Can Use in Digital Marketing Week of September 8

Keeping up with digital marketing trends can be a full time job. Each week, the Digital Bungalow team will post five top stories to help keep you at the top of your marketing game. Follow this weekly blog for insights and suggestions on how your business can be successful through the use of digital marketing. 
1. Apple unveils new iPhones, Apple Watch and a Mobile Payment system; each has huge implications for digital marketers.
The iPhone 6 models and introduction to Apple’s watch were the highlight of the week even before the official launch. Digital Bungalow’s own VP of Marketing got involved with the conversation early in the week with a discussion about responsive design, “Here comes the iPhone 6, are you thinking mobile first?” 
The promise of a larger and faster iPhone refueled talk of “the year of mobile.” Developers may have been designing responsive websites for quite some time now, but the rise of the user experience (UX) process has added a whole new mindset and movement towards designing mobile first. If your site isn’t catering to your mobile users’ needs, then you may be risking your brand’s relevancy.
Immediately after Apple’s new models were released on September 9th, bloggers began outlining the possibilities and open doors for marketers. AdWeek focused on the reality of wearable technology with an interesting observation: does Apple’s entrance to the wearable market make this technology more widely accepted? Yes, mobile phones seem to be getting larger but what about the small interactive screen on the Apple watch? It’s never too early to start thinking about the possibilities and even implications of a new market. 
2. Content marketing that actually drives revenue.
Content marketing has become one of the most important components of a brand’s marketing strategy. Gone are the days of throwing blog posts, white papers and tweets into the digital space and hoping for a bite. The only way your content will break through the clutter and make you money is an informed, researched and deliberate strategy set with concrete measuring metrics. iMedia Connection does a great job of outlining 5 ways to produce content that drives revenue
3. Personalization on social media drives better brand engagement. 
As Mashable points out, almost 100% of marketers use social media to reach their target buyers but not all of them have done so successfully. The key is personalized content. Social media users have adapted to the flood of content in their newsfeeds by quickly identifying what is valuable to them and immediately eliminating what is not. With the personalization trend at the forefront, Mashable addresses those marketers that are missing their audience by listing the 7 sins of social media marketing.
4. How to use social media to power ecommerce sales.
E-commerce finally has a level playing field for reaching buyers through social media. People appreciate the convenience that social media offers and no longer see product promotion as a nuisance (if it’s done the right way, of course). If you’re not familiar with Pinterest’s new and improved business features and all the booming “social shopping sites,” check out the Social Media Examiner’s guide to promoting products on social media.
5. How video can significantly increase your on-site conversions.
The Daily Egg said it best, “If you’re not using online video, you’re missing out.” This is a trend we’re taking seriously at Digital Bungalow. Just this week, I posted a blog article and infographic to a LinkedIn discussion group and a member commented on how he was drawn to the article because of the way it visually told the story. “We don’t have time to read anymore,” he said.
This isn’t true for everyone of course, but the statement has a lot of validity. Video and visuals in general give your audience an opportunity to soak in your message in the quickest, most convenient way and even entertain them at the same time. The Daily Egg breaks this trend out with 6 conversion-boosting benefits of online videos. 
What did you come across this week that got you excited and inspired in the digital world? Your comments and questions are always welcome.

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