Great Expectations: The Bungalow Foundation's Part in Salem Cyberspace's Re-Brand

Over the past 12 years, Linda Saris, the Director of Salem Cyberspace has been leading her group of staff to provide innovative programs to low income youth in the city of Salem, MA and beyond. Digital Bungalow recognized this hard work and has been collaborating with Salem Cyberspace to provide consultation for a re-brand of the Non-profit. Part of that consultation included working closely with Salem Cyberspace and changing their name and logo. The end result of the name change was LEAP for Education, which stands for Learn, Explore, Aspire, and Pursue - a name that aligns closer with Linda and her team's vision of helping to guide students into the real world so they can live the lives they always dreamed of.

This year, Salem Cyberspace held a fundraiser at the Kernwood Country Club in Salem called Great Expectations. This event was created to raise money for the summer and 2015 school year programs.

Excitement was in the air upon arrival of 230 supporters. The crowd included recent graduates of Salem High School and local business that have contributed to Salem Cyberspace over the years. The night began with a cocktail hour where guests mingled with each other over wine and were able to enter into a raffle to win prizes at the end of the night. People walked back and forth, scoping out the many gifts and wondering which one they were going to win. It was a nice way to meet new people and create a sense of community - the exact feeling Linda and her team strives for in their mission at Salem Cyberspace. 

After mingling for a bit with other attendees, we were soon ushered into the main function area for the event’s presentation. Recent graduates were called to the stage to tell their own personal stories about Linda and Salem Cyberspace. While working with Linda, I've seen how much she cares about this program, but it wasn't until this moment that I realized how much of an impact her program had on these young people's lives. Students told stories about the program and expressed their gratitude. The juxtaposition of stories ranging from success to struggle was touching in a way that caught everyone's attention in the room and reminded them why they were at this event.

These stories were a perfect introduction for the star of the night. Linda leaped on stage with the energy she puts into every project. In a speech that blended humbleness with pure genius, Linda spoke and thanked everyone for the donations and hard work. She then unveiled the new re-brand. After introducing me, Linda projected the new "LEAP" logo onto a large screen at the other side of the room. She then spoke about working with Digital Bungalow to come up with a name and logo that highlighted the organization's mission, spirit and goals for the future. This was an incredible moment and everyone in the room was excited to be part of it.

The night carried on with a feast of sandwiches and one of the most challenging trivia games I've ever been a part of. Until the evening came to a close, all in attendance rejoiced in the celebration of the graduating students and all the people that put time and effort into making Salem Cyberspace a sincerely important and powerful organization. I've shared a few of my favorite photos from the event with you below.

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