Quinn Cohane, Production Associate at Her Campus on Drupal's Effectiveness for Online Media Sites

Her Campus Media (HerCampus.com) is the #1 global community for college women and leading college marketing firm. In an industry where the ability to update content in real time is crucial, users need an easy-to-use and reliable CMS. The Her Campus team knows the importance of staying ahead of the curve, and with Drupal, they're constantly making improvements and distinguishing themselves as leaders in the industry. Her Campus's Production Associate, Quinn Cohane, graciously took the time to elaborate on why Drupal is the best platform for online media sites. Here are four of the main features that help put Drupal ahead of other platforms:  

Drupal's flexibility can handle countless content types and easily adapt to changes. As an online media site, Her Campus constantly varies how it distributes content. Slideshows, video players, blogs, galleries, and more need to be available and intuitive to set up and use. Drupal takes care of all of these needs through a library of modules that provide additional features. Modules are easy to control and even disable if necessary. For instance, the Her Campus team was running into issues with a media module that was disrupting content production and even causing the site to go down. When they decided to disable the module, Drupal's flexible platform allowed them to do so without affecting anything else.

User roles/Permissioning
For a site with so many contributors and parties involved, in order to run efficiently there needs to be control over what each user can do. Different people need to be granted different levels of authority that allow them to contribute content while still maintaining the functionality of the site. Permissions sets and defined user roles provide an audit trail and keep the core operations of the site secure. Permissions can be scaled to fit various needs and streamline operations, something Her Campus has found to be incredibly helpful. For instance, Her Campus had all their chapters create an 'HC's Complete College Guide' entry, a flipbook geared toward prospective students interested in learning more about a specific college. Her Campus set up a new account for contributing to the Complete College Guide with specific permissions so future team members can access their flipbook for years to come.

The Her Campus team members have the ability to experiment and update their site to meet their specific needs or wants on a whim. From creating new layouts for content hubs for advertisers to finding a module that aggregates information into a calendar format, if there's a need, there's almost always a Drupal module that addresses it. In order to stay up-to-date and provide an excellent user experience, online media teams need to have the ability to distribute content and information in the most effective way, especially as the digital world evolves.

Drupal's robust and reliable architecture is structured to maintain high volumes of site traffic even if it's unpredictable. Breaking news can happen in an instant, and you never really know which article might go viral and drive an unexpected spike in traffic to your site. Online media sites can't always anticipate when these spikes might occur and cannot afford any downtime, so their site must be prepared to handle anything.  The Her Campus website receives anywhere from one hundred thousand to over one million unique visitors each day, and the site still performs for each visitor, no matter the current site traffic. Drupal's powerful and constantly progressing architecture adds a sense of security to Her Campus and accommodates the masses.

Drupal's flexibility, cross-functionality, agility and power make it the perfect platform for any online media site. Interested in learning more about Drupal and how it can ease various pain points? We'd love to hear from you!

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