#SMDAY 2014

Happy Social Media Day! The Digital Bungalow team jumped into the buzz around Mashable's fifth annual global event to recognize and celebrate the digital movement. By connecting with the world through the hashtag, #SMDAY we were able to feel the bond that social media allows us across multiple channels in live time. There are several ways to get involved with the event whether you are an individual, company, or entire city and state. 

For example, the city of West Hollywood (known as WeHo) got individuals involved by partnering up with local artists that featured past tweets about WeHO in illustrations, drawings, and sketches. The city then took these images and tweeted them to the masses using their own Social Media Day hashtag, #SMDayWeho.

Taking a different approach to recognizing the global event, The Drum magazine teamed up with social experts to write an extremely helpful and eye-opening article about what not to do on social media for marketers and brands. Professionals from Asda, Confused.com, Cake, HootSute and SocialBro contributed their personal experiences and input on what doesn't work in the social sphere. Check out the article here!
San Diego, CA hosted a Social Media Day event with keynote speakers and events discussing all the different forms of social media from Facebook to Google + and how to market across these channels. They plan on wrapping up the day-long event with a networking party how appropriate! 

Our goal at Digital Bungalow was to contribute to the movement by sharing our unique and eclectic culture here at DB for the whole week leading up to the event. Staying true to our culture and extremely competitive nature, Social Media Day became an office-wide competition to see who could create the best content on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Only those who used the hashtags #SMDAY and #DBCULTURE to represent life in and out of the DB office would be considered. 

The result? Fat cats, red, white and blue, pastries, gnomes, dogs, twins, soccer, candy, camels, cookies and more. We enjoyed getting involved in the conversation and most importantly, recognizing the significance and importance of social media as we live our lives through sharing, connecting, communicating and networking within the digital world. See some of our favorites from the week below and be sure to follow us on Facebook @ facebook.com/digitalbungalow, Twitter @digitalbungalow and Instagram @digitalbungalow for more #dbculture content!

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