Team Bonding For A Strong Office Culture

You can use this daily.
Maybe only weekly.
Can it make a difference monthly?
Annually will do nothing.


Can you guess the clue? This was one of the riddles in our first ever Digital Bungalow Scavenger Hunt hosted last week. Our DB culture is often the focus of our company meetings, twitter feeds, and now our blog posts. Our core values are the driving forces behind this unique culture. We're a small company so we spend a lot of time with just each other and as a result, we really like to brag about how great we are. We even participated in Social Media Day 2014 to take advantage of an opportunity to share our culture with the digital world. And for our most recent team bonding activity we figured, what better feeds a culture than a little friendly competition? 

The scavenger hunt. We broke our team of thirty into six teams of five with one team opting to stay back and prepare the clues, lunch, and be the judges. The clues brought us to all sorts of places our team frequents in Salem, MA from the Peabody Essex Museum to AJ Kings, the local pastry shop. At each location, participants were instructed to take a picture of the team to prove they correctly solved the clue. At the end of the competition, we all gathered together, ate a delicious lunch, and had our monthly company meeting.

Our company meetings are a pretty important part of our culture because it's at those meetings that we get the full inside scoop on the other departments, as well as the opportunity to recognize a coworker. If you haven't already guessed from our president's blog post last November, our core values are pretty important to us - so much that they are printed on the walls around our work space. At these monthly company meetings, we get the opportunity to congratulate a coworker on enacting one of our core values, whether they went the extra mile with a client or thought of the DB team above all else. Like I said, we think we're pretty great. Check out some of our favorite moments from the day!

Have you gotten the clue yet? I'll give you a hint, it's an acrostic poem...

One of our DB teams posing with members of the Salem YMCA.

DB team members posted out side of Cinema Salem!

Another team pausing to take a picture in front of A.J. King!

The champion team! Rewarded with gift cards to Front Steet Coffeehouse for some great joe.

Lunch is served for all competitors to kick off our monthly company meeting!

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