The Digital Bungalow Top 5: The Latest News You Can Use in Digital Marketing Week of September 29

Buzz around two new social networks sparked conversation this week in digital marketing and technology. Is it possible that a new social network has been built on a manifesto that bars marketing, advertising and big data? The Digital Bungalow marketing team made sure that this week's Top 5 round up included all the buzz and more with the latest and greatest in digital marketing and technology.

1. New social network, Ello, stirs controversy in the marketing and advertising industries.

Have you ever wanted to join a social network so badly you offered a stranger money to gain access?  VentureBeat describes 48 hours on the new exclusive, invite-only app that has people offering up to $500 on eBay for an invite code. One of the reasons why people are so eager to join the app is the same reason why it’s causing so much controversy; Ello promises users an ad-free network that will never require your real name, or collect your information for user data purposes. It even closes its manifesto with, “You are not a product.” This is exactly why Contently warned brand marketers this week to fight the urge to jump on this new network and instead, “Stay far, far away.”

2. New app, Coffee, is piping hot in the young professional world this week.

Ello may be wrapped in caution tape for marketers but there’s hope for yet another new network to shine.  Contently described the new professional networking app everyone’s talking about this week as “the love child of Tinder and LinkedIn.” One of the most traditional methods of networking is to ask the professional you wish to connect with if they’d like to grab a cup of coffee and chat about their business or experience. Most of the time this starts with requesting a LinkedIn introduction through another connection, crafting a personal message to the person about yourself and why you’d like to chat, and the process goes on. Well like most things nowadays, that just seems like too much effort.

Never fear, Coffee presents networking opportunities to your phone and requires so much effort as to swipe your finger to either the left or right.

3. Your employees’ online presence can put your business at risk if they’re not aware of privacy threats.

It’s very beneficial for businesses, especially in the digital marketing and technology industry, to get their employees engaged and active on social media. For small businesses, encouraging employees to share branded content with their personal networks can boost conversions and help establish the company as a band of thought leaders. However, with this open invitation for employees to mix work and play online comes a series of risks that can be avoided if everyone is educated on the matter. Forbes discusses breaches in business security that can happen when people aren’t cognizant of the private information they are sharing with the masses online. We’re so accepting of the internet now that we forget there are still some bad guys out there, waiting to invade your business’s privacy. Use these 7 social media security tips to educate your employees and prevent a crisis.

4. People still really care about the brick and mortar experience.

The eCommerce marketer may be confused by this statement. With all the talk this year about social media platforms pushing out special functionality tailored to eCommerce businesses, it’s hard to believe that statistics actually show consumers are less interested in social media when it comes to shopping in 2014. This is not to say that social media doesn’t help in the shopper’s researching and purchase decision process, but when it comes to actually buying the product, people still prefer a trip to the store. MediaPost goes into detail on this new discovery and an understanding of the 2014 consumer.

5. The secret to success for small businesses on social media…

Get visual. You may not have a large budget to kickoff earth-shattering viral campaigns, but you can make a splash with sharable content and the secret is working creative visual elements into your social media strategy. Just this week, our Director of Corporate Marketing shared a photo of our VP of Sales and Accounts adorable puppy, Pedro who visited the office for the day. By taking a break from the serious stuff and showing your followers that you are a company of real people with a unique culture, you will see engagement with your brand. iMedia Connection offered 7 helpful tips this week for successfully incorporating visuals into your social media strategy. 

What do you think about the buzz around Ello and Coffee this week? Did you come across any digital marketing trends that really stuck out? 

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