These schools get an A+ with Drupal + Drupal Commerce

Digital Bungalow, a leader in the Drupal development community, and the Commerce Guys are working together to bring the most flexible eCommerce solution to higher education institutions. Did you know that the Drupal content management system addresses key pain points that come along with managing and maintaining complex websites with multiple contributors? When coupled with Drupal Commerce, the platform provides an end-to-end solution that makes it easier for schools to create and maintain websites that are customized for their institutions distinct needs.  The blog post featured below was writtten by both teams to give real-life examples of the possibilities when using Drupal and Drupal Commerce.

Digital Bungalow & Commerce Guys for Drupal Commernce

Plenty of people have written about the tremendous potential that Drupal Commerce has to expand the capabilities of higher learning sites already running on Drupal. Colleges and Universities have overwhelmingly chosen Drupal as their CMS, and it’s a growing need for schools to use commerce functions to process a myriad of things, from registration and book sales to donations and permits. We just don’t think it makes sense to create these functions with a bolted-on commerce platform when Drupal Commerce provides such a smoothly integrated solution to serve a wide range of commerce needs at no cost. Leveraging the investment already made in knowledge, training and resources to serve commerce needs is the way to go.

These schools felt the same way. Check out the ways they use Drupal + Drupal Commerce:

Harvard University - Uses Drupal + Drupal Commerce to sell books and other physical goods at the Harvard Art Museum website

Stanford University SLAC - Uses Drupal + Drupal Commerce to manage event registration for conferences held at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).

Georgia Tech - Uses Drupal + Drupal Commerce to manage their broad offering of Professional Education courses, enabling students to select, register, and pay for their courses and streamline Georgia Tech's ability to track, manage, and report on this important revenue channel.

Emerson College - Uses Drupal + Drupal Commerce to sell both physical and digital subscriptions and individual issues of their Ploughshares and Omnibus publications.

Grinnell College - Uses Drupal + Drupal Commerce for fundraising and donations, allowing donors to select how and where their gift will be utilized through one-time or recurring gifts.

Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School - Uses Drupal + Drupal Commerce for fundraising and donations as well as ticket sales.

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