Top 5 of the Week in Digital Marketing and Technology, October 20

If your job requires you to work within a team, you won’t be successful unless you understand the behind the scenes of your teammates’ work. If your job is to write the copy of an email, do you know how the designer creates the template for the email? Or, how the analyst tracks the success of the campaign? This week’s Top 5 is compiled of social media, video marketing, design, and eCommerce marketing. Learn all the facets of digital marketing and  technology to become an invaluable team member.

Social Media | [Infographic] There are so many innovative ways to get quality Twitter followers. 

Quick Sprout knows that many new social media marketers or even individuals who are starting to take Twitter more seriously from a thought leadership perspective believe the best way to get followers is to like similar companies, blogs, or influencers and wait for a follow back from their networks. Yes, this works to some degree, but you won’t see the numbers you need to leverage the information you’re sharing.

For most, Twitter is a tool used to share important content that will drive conversions to their business, website, or blog. Therefore, it’s important that the people who are following you on Twitter, as well as the people who belong to your followers’ networks must find value in the content you are sharing.

Take a look at Quick Sprout’s, “How to Get Your First 100 Twitter Followers” for over 10 innovative ways that will drive results and quality people to your page.

2. Social Media | Social media marketing is psychological science.

Have you ever experienced the fleeting feeling of anxiety before publishing a post on social media, personal or professional? Or, looked someone up on Facebook to see what they look like before forming a first opinion? The explanation for this behavior is much deeper than you would think and understanding the answers helps us to form a smarter social media strategy.

Search Engine Journal presented 7 social media psychology studies this week that will make you think twice about your behavior and in turn, your target audience.

3. Video Content Marketing | Spend time crafting an informed call to action for your video content.

The great thing about video is that it’s one of the easiest pieces of content to share and become viral. The bad thing about video is that if you don’t control the messaging from the beginning and assess your goals for the content, you could potentially miss out on an opportunity to get the most out of your campaign. The fool-proof method is to spend time crafting an informed call to action for your video content.

Content Marketing Institute recognizes that unlike social media, creating a successful CTA is not science; the creative approach you take depends upon your unique content. Follow Content Marketing Institute’s 3 guidelines to creating a successful CTA for your video marketing content.

4. Web Design | Learn the fundamentals of responsive design.

It’s true that responsive design has become so cookie-cutter to a website that most blogs are built to automatically adjust to fit a tablet and smartphone. However mainstream the practice has become, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of responsive design as marketers. You never know when you’ll need to adjust the source code of an email template, or reformat a blog post. Web Designer Depot makes it easy by outlining 3 fundamentals of responsive design with CSS code samples and best practices.

5. E-commerce | Cyber Monday and Black Friday do not make the most money in sales online.

Google Analytics released an extremely helpful collection of data for online retailers this week: The seasonal days that drive the most traffic to your site, the days that make the most money in online transactions, and the most successful auction-based media bids. Surprisingly, Cyber Monday and Black Friday do not make the most money in sales online and benchmarking sales on days that receive the highest traffic to your site is incorrect. Based on data from 2013, Google Analytics is able to make projections and recommendations for e-commerce retailers this holiday season.

What roles in digital marketing and technology do you want to talk more about? We’re here to help! Please share your ideas below.

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