Top 5 of the Week in Social Media and Content Marketing, October 13

Paid social media marketing ran the show in this week’s digital marketing round up. As marketers of companies both big and small, it’s time to fully embrace the reality and realize the potential in the age of paid social strategy. As for content marketing, the successful launch of BBC Music this week emphasized the importance of remembering this essential strategic step behind any marketing campaign. 

1. Cozy up to the reality of paid social advertising.

The fact that organic reach is slipping for businesses on Facebook and the reality of paid social advertising has settled in is no new news. That being said, it’s time to accept the reality and see all the good that is coming from carefully targeted content. MediaPost wrapped up the age of paid social well this week, “Embrace this new golden age of advertising when we have to create great brand stories that are welcomed, viewed and shared by our targets rather than shoved down their throats.” Begin cozying up to the idea by reviewing MediaPost’s 5 tips for success.

2. Facebook takes care of small businesses with new “Local Awareness” advertising functionality.

For those small businesses that are in fact fearful for the reality of paid social advertising, here’s some good news: Facebook is focusing on driving traffic to your pages. MediaPost discussed the “Local Awareness” Facebook advertising option released this week. This is a huge win for small businesses that can now use this tool to reach an audience living within a specified radius. Find out everything Local Awareness allows business page managers to do and why Facebook is putting an emphasis on these kinds of features right now from MediaPost.

3. Facebook reigns holiday social media strategy, still.

Forbes presents an interesting contradiction to the MediaPost article we discussed last week about 2014 shoppers preferring to make actual purchases in store. “According to recently released research from digital marketing platform Offerpop, 67 percent of marketers plan to increase their social media budgets this holiday season,” and Facebook holds the majority of this budget by a landslide. Review the rest of Offerpop’s research and learn the new functionality Facebook and Twitter are launching just in time for e-commerce’s busiest time of the year.

4. Don’t forget about content strategy when delegating time to retargeting efforts.

The end of the year is a popular time for businesses to revisit their lead generation strategy. For those B2B companies, it’s easy to forget about content marketing when delegating retargeting efforts; this is a huge opportunity missed. Just because you may not be targeting retail consumers, doesn’t mean your target B2B customer cannot be reached through a strategic blog post, white paper, or social media ad. ClickZ outlines five steps to retargeting for lead generation through content marketing.

5. Who’s doing it right? BBC Music Collaboration

BBC Music launched this week with an explosive viral music video campaign featuring big time artists performing Beach Boys timeless “God Only Knows”. Not only did this strategy allow BBC to speak their target market’s language with music and video, but it created an emotional brand connection right from launch. Our very own VP of Marketing analyzed the complexity of the viral campaign this week with insight on exactly why it worked.

What are your thoughts on paid social media opening doors for better targeted campaigns? Did you come across any effective examples of content marketing this week? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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