Wearable Technology: Changing The Way Marketers Collect Data

Everywhere you look new, wearable gadgets are popping up like daisies.  Analysts predict that these technologies will continue to change the way people interact with each other and their environment.  But what does this mean for marketers and analysts, and why should they care? 

Wearable technology isn’t just about providing cool features to the user; it’s also about collecting massive amount of data for marketing and analytical efforts. This data will potentially give marketers the opportunity to gather extremely personalized user information. For example, by wearing Google Glass, Google can collect all kinds of data about the user, which will enable marketers to introduce personalized messaging across other digital channels like email and search results.  There are many reasons as to why these kinds of products have sparked a number of privacy concerns.

What are we going to see next? Who knows! Maybe we see a vest that a customer might wear at the movie theater that allows them to feel like they were in the movie. This vest could collect information for marketers which will give more insight in to how customers are feeling, answering questions like “What will make Sally go buy food at concessions?” or “Could we crowd source a movie ending? “ The evolution of wearable technology from a futuristic concept to an actual product is astounding. Wearable technology is catching us up with where we were in movies 10 years ago (think Minority Report or James Bond), which shows that our imaginations have no limit.

It’s forecasted that shipments of wearable technology will reach a whopping 210 million units by 2018.  This isn’t surprising since it’s been reported by Mobile Marketer that 91% of Americans are excited about wearable technology (including watches, clothing and glasses). In addition, 60% of American’s think wearable technology will be as common as smartphones in the next 6 years. And if these numbers weren’t a strong enough argument, an additional 28% of consumers said they would be willing to wear sensors if they were included in clothes vs. being tied to a specific device.

Here are some of our favorite new wearable technologies to check out:

What are your thoughts on this trend? Do you see a strong future for wearable technology, or is it just a fad? As a marketer, do you feel that the data collection capabilities of these gadgets will bolster your marketing strategies? Is wearable technology a marketers dream?

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