Why An Easy To Use Back-End Is Imperative For A Website's Success

Brands are constantly under pressure to provide the best digital experience. In order to engage their target audience, marketers must have the ability to churn out content in context at a moments notice. As Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Roberge, from HubSpot once told us in a meeting, "You can never create too much content!"
So what happens if every time you go to update your website you face a major roadblock? If the back-end of the site is so complex that you're afraid just looking at it might break it, or you have to call a developer to make any updates, you're wasting valuable time and missing out on real opportunities. 
So how can marketers ensure they're not shackled to a dysfunctional website? By investing in a site with a flexible back-end that eliminates unnecessary barriers, while empowering you. 

And when we say "easily manage your website," we're not just talking about minor tweaks like changing copy. Marketers need to be able to add functionality like personalization to various content types across the whole site, on their own, without the help of a developer. It has be intuitive and work with both what you're looking to accomplish through the site, as well as your skill set. An over engineered system can be just as big a bottleneck as one lacking any functionality. 

Instances will vary and people will ultimately favor different systems, but at the end of the day the most important features are usability and flexibility. An easy to use back-end will pave the way for a dynamic marketing machine, all at your fingertips.  
So what do we recommend, you ask? We'd love to learn more about what you're currently working with and see if one of our flexible solutions could be the answer to your current struggles. As marketers ourselves, we really understand the value of a CMS and the tools your brand needs to succeed. 

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