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Google Updates Algorithm to Index Mobile-Friendly Search Results

The mobile-first mentality is becoming a standard practice. According to a recent comScore report , 60% of total website traffic now comes…

Nick Goodman

Marketing Automation Kicks Old-School Emails to the Curb

There was a time when all you needed to execute an email marketing campaign was a list and a message. These batch and blast techniques were…

Chris Barnhill

4 Steps to Showing Brand Personality on Social Media

Your company has just taken the leap into social media but the problem is, you’re not sure how to generate content that is likely to…

Jesse Vuona

How to Measure Blog Performance Using Google Analytics Dashboards

In an age where consumers have so many choices at their fingertips, it’s important to demonstrate thought leadership and provide…

Nick Goodman

5 B2B Marketing Tips to Drive Your Sales

It’s time stop thinking about B2B buyers as just a combination of function and company. A top theme is the realization that B2B…

Casey Arnold

Paradigm Shift: Developing a Website on a SaaS Platform

The Digital Bungalow team is thrilled to announce that we’ve launched the Tribeca Flashpoint Academy and our own new site…

Nate Wolfson
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